About idérummet

Idérummet (The Idea Room) is a Swedish platform providing an exciting new meeting place for modern entrepreneurs to share and realise ideas within an endless network. We exist to promote idea creation, and offer support throughout the implementation process. Examples of these new endeavors could be associations, projects, companies, cooperatives, franchises, etc. We work under the assumption that all should have an equal opportunity to start and operate one’s own business.

Idérummet is for you who would like to feed your entrepreneurial appetite. Our mission is to nurture creativity, in order to motivate a diverse mix of people to start, run and realise ideas.

If you would like to contact us, please use the “Kontakt” form under the “Om Idérummet” menu. Alternatively, you may contact those working with Idérummet directly – click on “Medarbetare” under “Om Idérummet”.

The Idea Room – a virtual intersection of Inspiration, Entrepreneurship, Equality, Resources & most importantly … Your Ideas